MG3 provides specialist Marine services including the latest innovative equipment designed for offshore and coastal environments. Marine services include nautical bottom depth, dredging support, environmental impact assessments metocean measurements, ROV surveys and provision of offshore consultants and experts. MG3 aims at providing custom made solutions for its clients on a world-wide basis. We provide the measurement services for physical oceanographic studies (such as currents, turbidity, waves and water levels) and meteorological studies (such as wind, pressure, air temperature and precipitation).”

Coastal Surveys

Metocean Studies

MG3 has ROV systems ready to be deployed from DP multirole vessels and can provide a range of services including inspection, observation, manipulator, pipetracker, cable detection and UXO surveys. MG3 offers nautical bottom depth surveys using the new DENSX system which provides accurate density measurements in soft sediments and fluid muds for dredging support and navigation channel monitoring.


Nautical Depth Surveys

Marine Services

Metocean Studies

Environmental Services

ROV Services

Navigation charting and nautical depth survey

Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB)

Provision of offshore Consultants / Experts