Poseidon was purchased in 2009 and since then it has been completely overhauled including the vessels engines, installed a Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning system and refurbished the entire vessel to the highest of standards. The vessel offers an especially versatile platform on which to install a large range of survey equipment and provide IRM/light construction capabilities with its 20 tonne stern A-frame with an impressive 13.6m of vertical clearance and an additional 5 tonne side A-frame.

About Our Vessels

MG3 provide a fleet of offshore DP1 vessels which have been specifically designed as versatile, multi-purpose vessels. MG3 offer a range of marine and geoscience services from these two multirole vessels and / or worldwide from other suitable vessels.


The MV Neptune was purchased in 2008 and has been specifically designed as a multi-purpose geophysical, geotechnical, geochemical and ROV DP support vessel.
MV Neptune was originally designed for cold weather localities and is certified with Class 1A Ice Rating. The entire vessel has been refurbished to the highest of standards in accordance with our strict health and safety polices.
The vessel has a permanently mobilised survey spread and with ample deck and garage space has the ability to undergo rapid installation of various survey equipment to meet the needs of a project.